Monday, August 16, 2010

A Different Kind of Post

Today I thought I would share something with you that took me 6 years to complete...yeah you read that right, 6 years.  On August 20, 2004 a very good friend of mine, Lynne, got married and I decided I wanted to make her wedding gift.  I love to cross stitch, so figured a cross stitched picture with the date of their wedding on it would be a great gift.  I went shopping and found a picture that I loved, so I bought it; only to find out it was hardanger and not cross stitch.  They are very similar, with some distinct differences - no big deal I'll just take a couple classes to learn the techniques I would need to do to complete this project.  Well, I took the classes, graduated with my master's degree, Lynne moved to New Hampshire, Lynne had a beautiful baby girl, I had surgery, and finally on August 15, 2010 I finished the project. 

The white part in the center is the hardanger, everything else around it is cross stitching.

See the pearls, they are such a nice touch.

Again, the white is the hardanger.  See those 'holes' well that comes from cutting the thread - one of the reasons it took me so long to complete this.  Everytime I had to do some cutting, I would get nervous and stop working on it.  Thank god for my friend Ellen, she really helped me with those parts.

Done just in time to celebrate their 6th annivarsary.

This picture does not do the finished project justice, I wish I could capture a true image of the final product.

So now all I have to do is frame it, hopefully that will only take a year or two, LOL.

P.S. I did get them a real wedding gift at the time of their wedding...I know myself well and knew there was no way I'd get this done in time for their wedding.


SherriC. said...

So pretty Tammy,

Patti C said...

The finished project is beautiful. I am still working on (haven't picked it up in forever) a cross stitch design with my younger son's birth info; started it after he was born; he's 30 years old!!! I guess you didn't do so bad after all.

Penny Hanuszak said...

What a beautiful and accomplished project! The counted cross stitch on linen alone is a challenge but to add the beautiful Hardanger embroidery in such a masterful way to make it extra special. I have done both types of stitchery and by far the pulled thread (Hardanger) is the most challenging, but again most rewarding. Thanks for sharing your fabulous piece.

The Pursuit of Stampin'ess said...

Wow Tammi, that is amazing, you have so many talents. This is absolutely so beautiful. You must be a very patient lady to make this work.
Thanks for sharing. I am sure your friend will love it!

A big hug, Pauline

Lori Ingebritson said...

Enjoying and following from SC