Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Been Too Long Since My Last Post ~ Sorry

Wow, I just realized I haven't posted anything in over 2 weeks, I'm really sorry about that.  I have no excuses, I"m just adjusting to being back to work, and working 5 days a week (as a nurse I've never done that before).  Anyway, even thought my birthday was long ago over, I still have some birthday cards to I wanted to share with you; so here they are...

JoAnn Colin

Judy Goodyear (I can't wait til you get back Judy!!!)

 Leigh Amburgey

Linda Bauwin

Mary Rodgers

Michelle Vecchione

Paula Conner

Rosa Youschak

Vicki Hannah

Chris Feichter

Cheryl Dodich

Darla DiDonato

Carol Spafford

Well, that's all.  Thank you ladies for all of the wonderful cards.

Now, be sure to check back tomorrow, I have some great things to share from the Stampin' Up! Regional event I just attended in Hamilton, Ontario.


Love crafts forever said...

Welcome back Tammy. I will be stop by tomorrow. Hugs, Nat.

SherriC. said...

those are really nice cards, thanks for sharing them with us....